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Do Something Different

with your 2024 marketing budget

Sponsor an event and achieve ROI ?x over

live events form meaningful connections. They work. 

People are busy. 


Professionals? Busy beyond belief. 


Working in their city jobs.


Combating the commute.


Scheduling time for family, friends, careers and just perhaps, even themselves. 


And you want their attention too???


So how are you going to get it?


They aren't watching TV.


Streaming killed the radio, kid.


Social Media? You're one in a million. Take a number... and newsflash - "people follow people", not your branded posts and pitiful cries for attention. 


So how are you going to stand out???


Novel idea... Go meet them in their comfort zone. 


Appeal to them when they're pursuing their passion.


Yes, they have their favourite pass times, and when they are involved in these they are relaxed, open and clear minded.


Work out what your audience likes most, find an event that they'll go to, then be there.


"But won't that take effort and a little bit of courage?" I hear you say...




And every interaction you have with people at that event will be worth a whole lot more than a click or a 3 second video view.  


Come face to face with your target customers.

Our premium food & drink events attract 35-55 year olds who predominantly identify as professionals, managers and business owners. They enjoy food, restaurants and travel. 26% of visitors have a household income of $250,000.

Talk with them. Listen to their joys, and to their challenges. Tell them your story. Hand them your product.  


A picture is worth a thousand words. What's a real-life conversation worth then?  


Live events form meaningful connections. They WORK. 


Dare to take the plunge, or to remain amongst the noise, deaf to the screams of your potential customer base yelling "We Want Something Real". 


And hey,  


if you're ready to be different and you deal in the premium brand space...  


We'll be happy to help you take the next steps. We have the events and we are connected with the people who attend them. 


Oh yeah, this isn't just a marketing play - you'll find events are great at rewarding your clients and staff too.  


Think of it as a double bang for your buck. 


You're welcome. We look forward to chatting.


(09) 377 92 24 


Why events deliver greater ROI 

Participate in multiple marketing activities
for one up-front cost
  • Digital reach and brand awareness

  • Speaking opportunities

  • Face-to-face engagement with your ideal customer

  • Market research and data collection

  • Pop-up shop/brand activation in central city locations

  • Networking with key industry players and other premium brand partners

  • Content creation and collaboration

  • Media & influencer engagements

  • Engage niche markets


"We seriously loved the event…the vibe was awesome, and the right kind of people were there. It’s nice when they are prepared to pay for the tastings instead of just getting them all free."



"You and your team are absolute best in class in client services and management of sponsorships and events. It has been an amazing experience working with the Lemongrass Team for the past 3 years, and I do look forward to seeing what you guys have in store."


are you ready to...

Generate leads

Engage a niche market

Boost brand visibility

Gain valuable insights

Build business relationships

and become a thought leader in your industry?

Call us now (09) 377 92 24 

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