Market Leaders.


Lemongrass Productions curates many high-end events across the food & beverage sector in NZ. With many connections in restaurants, gourmet purveyors, local & internationally recognised chefs, wineries and brewers, we are market leaders in this field while bringing an imaginative, passionate & innovative approach to all the work we do.




  • Winetopia Wellington 21 & 22 May

  • Winetopia Auckland 18 & 19 June

  • Winetopia Christchurch 9 & 10 July

  • Restaurant Month 1 – 31 August


Winetopia is the country's largest celebration of NZ wine and its vibrant, varied winegrowing scene. Our wineries love the exposure they receive both during and following the event. Our Winetopia visitors are passionate about wine and attend our events to speak directly to the whilst immersing themselves in a shared passion. They are engaged and enjoy trying new and different wines and food pairings.

Lemongrass events

Create a memorable and lasting impression.


Even in this digitally obsessed world nothing is as powerful as getting your product into a potential customers hand. People, and especially millennials, value real-life experiences. Our events have a rich history of elevating brands sentiment and recall to discerning consumers while also attracting the key buyers of some of NZ’s largest retailers, supermarkets and distributors. We will bring the audience, you give them something to remember.



While online marketing can prove beneficial, physical events are still superior as they allow you to interact face to face with potential clients, purchasers and investors. The personal touch and engagement factor events offer simply cannot be replicated online. Instead, the real-life setting helps build trust and promote personal relationships with the brands themselves.



Most consumers who attend an event are there because they have a passion for the subject matter and are interested in what the attending businesses have on offer. This is a great time to further their interest in your business and products as well as increasing your customer base.



By exhibiting at one of our events, you will share in the marketing & PR campaign that has a massive reach each year. These are passionate foodies and wine aficionado’s whose key interests lie in tasting new food with friends and family in a fun, informative environment. It is a great opportunity for companies within the food, beverage and lifestyle arena’s, to express themselves and let the world see what they stand for. With your company’s branding strategically located both online and at the event, it is sure to stick in the minds of visitors and help push your values across.

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What’s in it for me?

Exposure, exposure…. and sales! Do you want your brand in the minds of the Auckland & Wellington food and wine elite?


Opportunities to promote your brand over the year…

  • Align your brand with some of the best chefs and personalities in the city and beyond

  • Test the market with new products

  • Use our events sales and sampling opportunity

  • Conduct market research

  • Gain brand exposure in NZ’s largest market

  • Build your database & followers

  • Educate a discerning audience about your products & stimulate demand

  • Drive visitation to your website or outlets

  • Network with 200+ food, beverage & lifestyle brands


Marketing support.

All our events are supported with a comprehensive marketing campaign, to ensure maximum awareness and visibility of our exhibitors – including TV, radio, print, outdoor, PR and online advertising.

Online promotion.



Each event we run has its own dedicated website, which is constantly updated with content and exciting announcements. Every exhibitor has (at minimum) their logo on the website, while larger campaigns receive a full page devoted to promoting your brand. This is a fantastic way to engage with your audience before the event has even begun. Our research shows that our exhibitor pages are some of the most visited pages on our websites – people are hungry to know what they can expect to see at our events.



An integral part of our all our promotional campaigns are strategically timed email newsletters, sent to our various databases. The content of these newsletters is engaging and entertaining and have an average open rate of between 25% – 60% (well-above the industry average of 10%). These newsletters contain information about the exhibitors and features at our events and are an excellent opportunity to highlight your brand.



These are an amazing opportunity to further promote your brand to our customers. We work with you to create compelling and exciting content. These articles are published on our website and promoted on our social media channels.



We use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote our events, which provides our exhibitors another opportunity to engage with our friends and followers by sharing and commenting on our posts.


Our Facebook followers are fiercely loyal, engaged and are self-confessed food and wine lovers! Currently, we have 17,272 followers on our Taste of Auckland page and 3,470 on our Winetopia and these figures are growing year-on-year.



Opportunities are available for brands to become the Naming Rights Partner through to Associate and Feature Partners of our events. Inclusions are designed to amplify your key messaging and to offer a real, live opportunity to engage face-to-face with your target market. We can also build a Partnership proposal to suit your KPI’s and objectives that don’t cost the earth. There are many reasons why you should join us, here are but a few:

  • Align your brand with some of the best chefs, wineries, brewers and personalities in NZ

  • Test the market with new products

  • Use our events as a sales and sampling opportunity

  • Conduct market research

  • Gain brand exposure in NZ’s largest market

  • Educate discerning foodies and wine lovers about your products & stimulate demand

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