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Lemongrass Productions curates many high-end events across the food & beverage sector in NZ. With many connections in restaurants, gourmet purveyors, local & internationally recognised chefs, wineries and brewers, we are market leaders in this field while bringing an imaginative, passionate & innovative approach to all the work we do.




Winetopia Wellington | 16-17 June

Winetopia Auckland | 21-22 July

Restaurant Month | 1-31August

The 2023 Auckland Gala | 30 November 

A Very Tasty Christmas | 2-3 December



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Winetopia is the country's largest celebration of NZ wine and its vibrant, varied wine-growing scene. Our wineries love the exposure they receive both during and following the event. Our Winetopia visitors are passionate about wine and attend our events to speak directly to the whilst immersing themselves in a shared passion. They are engaged and enjoy trying new and different wines and food pairings.

what's in it for me.

Exposure, exposure…. and sales!

Do you want your brand in the minds of the Auckland & Wellington food and wine elite?

opportunities to promote your brand throughout the year.

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  • Align your brand with some of the best chefs and personalities in the city and beyond

  • Test the market with new products

  • Use our events sales and sampling opportunity

  • Conduct market research

  • Gain brand exposure in NZ’s largest market

  • Build your database & followers

  • Educate a discerning audience about your products & stimulate demand

  • Drive visitation to your website or outlets

  • Network with 200+ food, beverage & lifestyle brands

marketing support.


All our events are supported with a comprehensive marketing campaign, to ensure maximum awareness and visibility of our exhibitors – including TV, radio, print, outdoor, PR and online advertising.

partnerships & sponsorships.

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Opportunities are available for brands to become the Naming Rights Partner through to Associate and Feature Partners of our events. Inclusions are designed to amplify your key messaging and to offer a real, live opportunity to engage face-to-face with your target market. We can also build a Partnership proposal to suit your KPI’s and objectives that don’t cost the earth. There are many reasons why you should join us, here are but a few:

  • Align your brand with some of the best chefs, wineries, brewers and personalities in NZ

  • Test the market with new products

  • Use our events as a sales and sampling opportunity

  • Conduct market research

  • Gain brand exposure in NZ’s largest market

  • Educate discerning foodies and wine lovers about your products & stimulate demand


Our aim is to help all of our partners make the absolute most of their involvement at our events.


Does  your event strategy align with your company purpose and vision?

Winetopia sees a large number of wine lovers through the doors and while it is a powerful marketing tool, keeping a clear strategy is important to make the most of the opportunity and not get caught up in the excitement of the day. Your strategy shouldn’t be event specific, but it should relate back to your overall company objectives.


Once you have given this some thought, complete the sentence: “We are going to Winetopia to…” Write it down. Boiling your strategy down to a simple statement can help keep you and your team focused.


This is what we do to achieve the strategic objective.

Consider not just sales, but other outputs such as trialling new products, telling your brand story, generating social media content, growing a customer database and building relationships with trade.

Stay true to your strategy. If your overriding company objective is to challenge the status quo, don’t turn up with a pop-up banner and a sales cadet, but instead think outside the square and come up with something that will challenge customers and help you stand out. If your business is about a pursuit for perfection, then concentrate on that offering and try not confuse customers with a lower tier range.


Ask yourself: What will success look like? Be specific. Suggestions might be: trialling a new wine on 500 people (set yourself a target to measure against), with an objective of converting a percentage of these to bottle sales.


This can then help you to understand how strong your product offering really is and will help you with future business decisions.


As with most human endeavours, you get out what you put in. Think about pre-event comms, at-event activity and post-event follow up. Plan for each of these segments.


How are you communicating to the country’s wine lovers and your own followers that you’ll be at this event and what you are bringing to it? Is your on-site plan succinct? Have you allocated resource for the follow up with customers, both directly and through social media channels after the event?  


There’s a proven and measurable sales opportunity on site, but an effective post event plan can make an incredible impact and you’ll be seeing the event benefits long after pack down.


Stand confirmed, flights booked, logistics sorted. Now it’s time to bring your ‘A’ game. Make sure your activation stays true to your strategy and tactical plan. If your goal is to engage with hundreds of potential customers and communicate who you are and what makes you special, send your best communicator.


If you are there to connect a big brand with the people who actually drink your product, bring the winemaker or viticulturist – make the brand real for your customers. Many of our partners find that wine and storytelling go hand in hand, so make it personal and get people invested in what you do.


People come to any event to enjoy themselves.  If it’s obvious that you’re happy to be there and having some fun, you’ll quickly see just how positively this impacts the interactions you have with visitors.


It’s always worth taking a little time in the planning phases to make sure you are set for success.  With collective decades of experience in running high profile food and wine events, don’t forget that the team at Lemongrass is a resource for you as well.  If you have an idea that you think could work at Winetopia, but aren’t quite ready to pull the trigger on it, don’t be afraid to touch base and have a chat.

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