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A Very Tasty Christmas Market

After analysing the Christmas event landscape in Auckland, it became apparent that there was a large gap in the market for festive shoppers looking for high quality and unique artisanal gourmet gifts. With a keen understanding of the culinary world and a passion for creating extraordinary experiences, we eagerly embraced the challenge to craft the ultimate Christmas foodie wonderland.


Lemongrass Productions set out to redefine the Christmas shopping experience in Auckland. Drawing on our expertise in the food and wine space, we embarked on a journey to curate an event that would exceed the expectations of discerning food enthusiasts.

The result? A Very Tasty Christmas Market—a tapestry of flavours, aromas, and festivities that transformed The Cloud into a culinary haven. From gourmet treats and handcrafted gifts to award-winning chefs, pop-up bars and eateries plus entertainment for all, our Christmas foodie wonderland was a testament to Lemongrass Productions' commitment to excellence.

Over two days, from 2 - 3 December, The Cloud welcomed 7,500 shoppers from all across Auckland City to our inaugural Christmas event.


A Very Tasty Christmas Market 2023 Review

The event at The Cloud in Auckland was a festive feast for the senses, showcasing the unique blend of creativity and expertise that defines us.

2023 Stats:

  • 73% were influenced by our owned social media marketing

  • 21% were influenced by our owned email marketing campaign

  • 34% spent between $100 - $500 at the event

High satisfaction rate:

  • 83% of attendees rated the event positively

  • 80% of attendees rated the selection of food & drinks Good/Excellent

Event Highlights

The Perfect Blend:

The event seamlessly blended two key elements—Lunch and a product showcase at the stunning Glasshouse in Morningside. This provided a comprehensive experience of South Australian wine & food for the attendees.

Indigenous Flavours:

The menu featured a rich tapestry of indigenous herbs, spices, and flavours, which transported guests to the heart of South Australia. Guests were able to try Pepperleaf, Saltbush, Aniseed Myrtle, Lemon Myrtle, Bush Tomato, Desert Raisin, and Wattleseed. 

Networking Hub:


An exceptional afternoon for professionals in the Food & Beverage, hospitality, and retail industries to connect and foster meaningful relationships. 

Grenache Masterclass:

Wine enthusiasts immersed themselves in a technical exploration of Grenache wine, led by industry expert Tony Love. 

Celebrity Chef Presence:


Culinary legends, including Mark Olive and Monique Fiso, graced the event with their culinary finesse. 

Traditional Welcome:


A heartwarming mihi by Rewi Spraggon bridged cultural boundaries and welcomed South Australians to New Zealand. 

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